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Custom Apps

iSales Mobile

This software works with iPad and iPhone devices.  Take Orders, Signature Capture, Multi-Price and many other features.  Is a User-Friendly application for Mobile devices using iPad and iPhone operating system.

FMInventory Manager

This application is a Server to Client application to manage inventory items for many business solutions.  Manage inventory by lot, serial number and expiration dates.  Use barcodes to collect information by warehouse.  This application specializes in Orthopedia and Implant services.  

Do you manage patient information?  Do you manage inventory items?  Then this software is for you.  Give us a call at (787) 367-2027 to provide you with a demo.  

FM Invoice Pro

FMInvoice Pro is a user friendly application to create Estimates, Invoices and customer information.  View Aging, Invoice history and even collect payments in a Server to Desktop application.  This solution can also be deployed in iPad devices with remote locations.

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