PalmPC Solutions, corp. is small company which has been developing applications since 1999.  We first began developing for PalmOS devices and later for iPhone and iPad.  We became FileMaker Business Alliance in 2010 and developing applications using FileMaker since then.    

Nelson Santos

Senior Developer and President of PalmPC Solutions since 1999 when the company was founded.  Developed applications for PalmOS devices, iPad, iPhone, Server and many others.  He is also a software business consulting and a FileMaker developer.

Adelaida Gonzalez

In addition to manages the secretary task in the business, she is mother of three and my wife for over 24 years.  

Eric Torres

Eric Torres manages all the accounting services for the company. Keeping up with all the goverment task is not an easy deal and Eric mantains our book keeping in top shape.   

Nelson A. Santos
Junior Developer

Nelson A. Santos is the Junior Developer for PalmPC Solutions.  Is been in FileMaker Developer conferences and just recently finished his Bachelor's Degree.