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Pricing for development

Pricing for your development services, is a difficult task to conquer. There are some many details to take under consideration.

- Are you a beginner, intermediate or advance developer?

The more knowledge, the more you can charge. That is the reason you should dedicate time to educate yourself on learning your development tools. Take time and invest in yourself, increasing your knowledge, this will provide your with the tools you need for better decision making.

- Does the customer willing to pay a monthly fee for your services?

I always recommend, arranging a monthly agreement with your customers.

This is good for you and good for your customers. You become there solution provider and they become a monthly income for your business. Today business rely on reports, graphs for their decision making. Thats why a developer is key in any business.

- What does your competition charge?

Is very important to know the average rate charged by your competition. This will give you more confidence of you hourly rate.

Take your time on making this decisions. Never make a quick decision about this issue. If you rate is to high, nobody will hire you. If is to low, it will hurt you income.

About the author,

Nelson Santos a senior developer for PalmPC Solutions. Has been developing applications for over 18 years. His first development was an application which would take orders using a Palm Pilot back in 1999. This application was very known being that it will collect information offline and later sync to a server. MSA has been redeveloped and renamed as iSales Mobile which now runs on iPhone and iPad devices as a subscription service. (

His development tool at this moment is FileMaker Pro from FileMaker Inc. This is an excellent development tools for iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac operating systems. Which begin using in 2007 and is the most use RAD tool in his ToolBox.

Software Development

FileMaker Pro is property of FileMaker Inc.

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